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Posted on October 5th, 2016 in Uncategorized

Mr. Darryl A. Marshall, Sr.

Mr. Darryl A. Marshall, Sr.

Mr. Darryl A. Marshall, Sr.

Outstanding Faculty/Administrator – 2016

Mr. Darryl A. Marshall, Sr., is the Assistant Vice President for Financial Aid for the Florida State University (FSU).  He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from the Florida A and M University, and his Master of Science degree in Higher Education from FSU.

Mr. Marshall’s career at FSU commenced in December 1985, where all 31 years have been in the Office of Student Financial Aid.  He has held several positions during this period of time working tirelessly to ensure that students attending FSU could afford their education and obtain their educational goals.

Mr. Marshall is responsible for the daily operations of $350 million annual financial program which is disbursed to over 25,000 students.  He has a staff consisting of 59 employees with an annual budget of approximately $5 million.  Recently, he spearheaded a plan to help FSU reach its diversity goals by leveraging the use of need based financial aid dollars whereby 75% of targeted students’ cost of attendance will be met with grants and scholarships.  Also, he established a collaborative partnership with the FSU National Black Alumni, Inc., to help match need based grant dollars for recipients of the FSU Black Alumni Scholarship.

Mr. Marshall was appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Education to serve on the Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance from October 2003-2006, and was reappointed to serve a second term from October 2006-2009.  This committee served as an independent source of advice and counsel to Congress and the Secretary of Education.  During his tenure he used this opportunity to advocate for simplification of the financial aid process, access and affordability for students (especially underrepresented and low income students), increased persistence and degree completion, and other vital issues.

Mr. Marshall was appointed to serve on a Florida Blue Ribbon Commission, which was charged to evaluate issues of minority student enrollment and make recommendations to further assist in increasing diversity in our state institutions.  This Commission’s advocacy lead to increased need based state grant aid and the creation of the Florida First Generation Matching Grant Program which is still benefiting many first generation, low income students in the State today.

Mr. Marshall is a member of the National Association, Southern Association and Florida Association of Student Aid Administrators.  He has also served on the National Direct Student Coalition Board of Directors, Private Lenders Advisory Boards, and Guaranty Agencies Advisory Boards.

Mr. Marshall fulfilled his passion in his spare time for over 16 years, serving as an Assistant Basketball Coach at Shanks High School, in his hometown of Quincy, Florida.