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Call for National Officers – Applications Due August 30, 20130

Posted on August 13th, 2013 in Happenings

Accepting Additional Applications for National Officers:

Vice President and Chairperson of Board of Directors

Due: August 30, 2013

Click HERE for Application (please print and submit via the instructions below)

The Florida State University (FSU) Black Alumni Association is an officially chartered affiliate of the FSU Alumni Association whose mission is to build a network of Black alumni and friends and sustain meaningful relationships on behalf of FSU.  The FSU Black Alumni Association is accepting additional applications from qualified candidates for the following national officers:  Vice President and Chairperson of the Board of Directors.

 All potential applicants/nominees must be dues paying members of the FSU Black Alumni Association and the FSU Alumni Association at the time of submission of their applications.  To be eligible for these offices, a member must have served at least one three-year term as an elected or appointed national officer of the Association.

 The National Vice President takes on the responsibilities of the National President in the event of his or her absence, disability, resignation or death; serves as an ex-officio member of all committees, in the absence of the National President; serves as chair of the University Connection Committee; and exercises any other powers delegated by the National President.  The University Connection Committee shall identify and study University, community, state and national issues that impact upon the Association, Black alumni, Black students, and Black faculty and administrators; develop strategies for informing the members of such issues; and mobilize members for action to help address the issues. This committee also serves as the liaison among the Association, the FSU Black Student Union, the FSU Office of Multicultural Affairs, the Black Studies Program, and other designated offices at FSU.

Term of Office:  The Vice President shall be elected to one (1) two-year term.

 The National Board Chair directs implementation of established policies; chairs the Membership and Chapter Development Committee; serves on the Board Development Committee; coordinates activities of Regional Representatives and affiliated groups; and exercises the powers generally associated with the Chair of the Board or as designated by the National President.  The Membership and Chapter Development Committee shall coordinate and oversee the development and operation of local/regional chapters.  This committee shall plan and implement activities and programs that focus on increasing the number of active financial members.

Term of Office:  The Board Chairperson shall be appointed to one (1) two-year term.

 If you are interested in serving in one of these national positions, we encourage you to complete the attached brief application and submit it electronically to Cassandra D. Jenkins, Chair of the Board Development Committee, at

 If you have any questions, please contact Cassandra D. Jenkins at 850-656-1233.  Thank you for your interest and willingness to serve.