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Advocate for Florida State is a project of the FSU Office of Governmental Relations in partnership with the Alumni Association and FSU Foundation. To register,  CLICK HERE; fill in the requested information which takes less than ten (10) minutes.

Dear Friend:

The Florida Senate and House are currently convened in a special legislative session that may last until Saturday, June 20, to finalize a budget for FY 2015-2016, which starts July 1.

During this special session, we need your help in advocating for legislative funding of Florida State University projects, which include:

1.  Increases in preeminence, STEM and performance-based funding

  1. An additional $5 million in preeminence funding is needed for FSU to remain competitive in attracting top-tier faculty.
  2. Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs are central to FSU’s preeminence designation and performance excellence, and an additional $5 million is required for enhancements to the University’s STEM programs.
  3. Performance-based funding was instituted last year and provides state universities that exceed Board of Governors benchmarks with additional revenue. FSU and the other state universities recommend increases in performance-based funding.

The above investments are essential to Florida State moving into the Top 25 nationally among public universities.

2. Funding for University facilities

  1. Initial funding for the Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science (EOAS) Building was provided in previous years and FSU now requires $36.1 million for EOAS construction.
  2. For the planning phase for the Interdisciplinary Research and Commercialization Building (IRCB), $5 million is needed.
  3. For the planning phase of the STEM Teaching Lab, $2.2 million is requested.

3.   Reinstatement of the Courtelis Facilities Matching Gift Program

In 2008, the legislature suspended payments to the Courtelis Matching program, so gifts that qualified for a state match since then were placed on a priority list tracked by the Board of Governors.

Then in 2011, the Courtelis Matching program was suspended and, consequently, no gifts from that point forward qualified for a match. However, Florida State still had more than $10.5 million in prior gifts waiting to be matched before the 2011 suspension. These donations are critical to the construction of facilities and FSU asks that this program be reinstated and that the prior-gift backlog be fully funded.

How you can help

Please send an Action Alert through the Advocate for Florida State website to your legislators, encouraging them to support Florida State University’s priorities as they finalize the coming year’s budget.

Thank you for your continued support, and Go Noles!


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Advocate for Florida State assists alumni, faculty, students, staff and friends in communicating to state elected officials the University’s goals and priorities, including funding and policies that maintain Florida State’s standing as an outstanding international teaching and research institution.