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2013 Scholarship Recipients0

Posted on November 20th, 2013 in Uncategorized

2013 Scholarship Recipients

The Florida State University (FSU) Black Alumni promotes and supports the academic achievement and excellence of Black students at FSU.  As part of its 2013 FSU Black Alumni Homecoming Reunion: “A Legendary Spirit: Celebrating 30 Years of the Black Alumni Association and 45 Years of the Black Student Union,” the FSU Black Alumni is awarding $500 scholarships to three deserving students.  One of the scholarships is specifically designated for a student who is involved in the International Program or plans to study abroad, one will be awarded in honor of Maxwell Courtney (the first Black undergraduate student to attend and graduate from FSU), and one will be awarded in honor of Dr. William R. Jones (Founder and first Director of the FSU Black Studies Program).  This year’s award recipients are listed below.

2013 Scholarship Award Recipients with President Jenkins-Pye and Vice-President Friall

2013 Scholarship Award Recipients with President Jenkins-Pye and Vice-President Friall

  • Mara E. Burnside is a freshman from Miami, Florida, majoring in Accounting.  In an excerpt from her essay she wrote, “To most people that see me on a daily basis I am a stress-free, successful and aspiring student, a student that is inhaling the good air of life and exhaling the bad. If they could only see what lies behind the mask, they would discover a struggling, hurt, young lady with labored breathing who has to persevere each day just to get to the doors of her (class)… just waiting to exhale. Indeed, this is not just the title of a movie but the story of my life…I do not want to be another victim or statistic but a survivor…(through) a college degree I will be given the resources, support, tools and opportunity to achieve (my) goals and so much more – I will hopefully be able to finally exhale.”  Ms. Burnside is being awarded this scholarship in honor of Dr. William R. Jones.
  •  Daphne R. Green is a sophomore from Pensacola, Florida, majoring in Environmental Studies, and minoring in Economics and Urban and Regional Planning.  In excerpts from her essay she wrote, “I chose Florida State because the second I stepped on the campus I was filled with a sense of community, a feeling of preservation, and the will to triumph…As a planner, I will help the government generate city designs that will strengthen the economy, which in turn will create jobs. When the people can stand on their own feet, they will have more initiative to make sure their children do as well. This brings me to my top social change. I want to make higher education more viable for low-income African-American youths in Florida, with focus on the young men.”  Ms. Green is being awarded this scholarship in honor of Mr. Maxwell Courtney.
  • Van Simone A. Holder is a senior from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, majoring in Urban Planning and Political Science, with a secondary concentration in Public Administration.  She has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, Student United Way, the Lady Spirithunters, Elder Care Services, and Grace Missions where she tutors students.  She is participating in the International Study Abroad Program.  In excerpts from her essay she wrote, “I have committed my career focus in life to standing against the injustice of gentrification in communities worldwide. Gentrification is the process of renewal and rebuilding accompanying the influx of middle-class or affluent people into deteriorating areas that often displaces poorer residents. The voiceless of the poor deserve to be heard, empowered, and given the opportunity to be engaged in their communities. There will always be a need for development in our society, but citizens should never be stripped from their homes, uprooted from their communities, and provided with inadequate living arrangements. Because of this I am passionately working towards the easement of resettlement for displaced citizens.”  Ms. Holder is the International Programs Scholarship Recipient.