Great time for Nole Nation in Charlotte.  For the first time since 2005, we’re in a BCS bowl game.  This was due to the results of the 2012 ACC Championship Game with the Georgia Tech Yellowjackets.  Offense and defense were almost flawless in the first half for a 21-3 lead behind the running of Devonta Freeman and James Wilder Jr.  And, the passing game was exemplary with EJ Manual spreading the ball to our slew of playmakers.  The defense was suffocating behind the play of young, up and coming stars Mario Edwards Jr., Ronald Darby and Karlos Williams stepping in for injured starters.  THEN, came the 2nd half; suffice to say, despite bending, the defense was the star of the game, effectively stifling the Rambling Wreck’s option attack.  Williams continued and completed his stellar play with a game-ending interception to seal the 21-15 victory.


2012 ACC Championship Game – Noles vs Georgia Tech Yellowjackets